Inmunización a Tripanosoma cruzi con antígenos tratados con detergentes

  • Carlos Soria
  • Donald Dusanic
Palabras clave: parasitemias, tissues, parasitemia


C 3H/ Anf mice were immunized with Lubrol or cholate- treated culture forms of the Tuluhuén strain of Trypanosoma cruzi and subsequently challenged with the homologous bloodstream forms. The equivalent of 1x108 – 2x108 detergent-treated culture forms were injected intraperitoneally, intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The mice were challenged intraperitoneally with 1x105 – 2x105 bloddstream forms equivalent to 100-200LD50 administered 21 or 42 days after immunization. The effects of immunization were measured by recording survival times, noting blood and tissue parasitemias, and by attempting to recover parasites from the challenged mice in Rhesus monkey kidney tissue cell cultures and in irradiated mice.


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