La inmunohematología y los estudios de paternidad utilizando grupos sanguineos

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Claudio Cañizares


  1. Today it is a world-wide practice the use of blood groups for the exclusion of parentage. In our country this practice has been introduced by the Court of Justice.

  2. The study has to be conducted by a reliable persone, with excelent training in immunohematology and Genetics.

  3. Three systems of blood groups, ABO-Rh-MN, are sufficient to give a great probability (near 55%) of exclusion of falsely accused paternity. The use of other blood systems do not increase neither the accuracy nor the scape of the screening in a significant manner.

  4. Good care has to be taken to prove that the set of antisera are in good condition.

  5. It is important that all the persons involved should be present, with the legal adviser the moment the blood samples are drawn. In this way the possibility of supplantation is abolished.

  6. In our experience we have confirmed 3 exclusions out of 10 cases sent for study.


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